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Running and Running a Company


The story starts…

3 years ago, I called my mom with, yet, another fever.  At the time I was living in Columbia, Missouri working on my PhD in special education and training for the Olympic trials.  The next day I was driving to St. Louis for an appointment to see one of my mom’s doctors.  The verdict!  My white blood cell count was below the normal level.  It seems my lifestyle as a professional runner and student was compromising my immune system.  But how could this be? I was eating healthy, sleeping plenty, and taking my vitamins!

This compelled my mom and I to search for a supplement that could boost my immune system.  We found one with a little of that and one with a little of this, but we couldn’t find one with a little of everything.  We decided to ask my dad.  Fortunately, my dad has over 30 years of experience as a research biologist and is the founder of a successful biotechnologies and life science company.

We spent the next year researching and developing a formula based on clinically studied ingredients at clinically studied doses.  We knew we could deliver the first comprehensive immune support supplement to the public.  The products on the market just weren’t as effective as our formulation.  We also knew our product was unique enough to stand out above the noise with a specific message, we wanted to make sure we were giving everyone’s body a fighting chance!

Then in 2012 I co-founded AmPurity Nutraceuticals with my family and a team of very talented researchers and medical doctors. In 2013 we released our first brand, ZAMboost, the immune support supplement behind it all. So what’s it like running and running a company? It’s above and beyond my wildest dreams and expectations!

AmPurity was born because of my passion to live an active, healthy, and well-balanced lifestyle.  If you would have told me three years ago when I was in my car headed towards St. Louis that I would be the president of a nutraceutical company I would have thought you were crazy.  Running has always been a part of my dream but running a company was not a part of that plan.  

Now, I spend every day learning how to connect with the public. I meet super smart doctors and health professionals. I bring samples of ZAMboost and our other science-based products to grocery, pharmacy, and supplement specialty stores. I call store managers, attended health and fitness expos, and the best part, I meet people like you interested in taking steps to improve your health! Meeting you is when I realized I had a real company. 

Then for a few hours a day I forget I have a company, and I focus on my second life as a professional runner with aspirations of making the 2016 Olympic team.  I moved to Eugene 6 months ago to run for the Oregon Track Club elite.

I am having a blast challenging myself, learning, and growing alongside AmPurity and the OTC elite! None of which is possible without the support of my friends, family, coaches, and super fans, like you!  

Thank you for reading!

Artist of Balance

Three years ago I asked my coach, “What are my options after collegiate running?”

I believed I could make the Olympic team one day, and I wanted to see how far I could push my mind, body, and sprit towards that goal. Like many semi-professional runners the resources are limited, so I enrolled in the PhD program and committed to the student-athlete lifestyle one more time.

I quickly learned that my new lifestyle as a student-athlete was not going to be the same as my last one. Below is a brief recap of the past 3 years.

Year 1:

  • I learned that I love research and that I was going to make it a lifelong career.
  • I learned that my first year was going to be a learning curve. I often got sick from studying late into the night or from an intense workout.
  • I consulted with my family to create an effective immune support supplement.

Year 2:

  • I learned how to balance a career in research with a career in running.
  • I worked on an amazing research team (SCI), completed my PhD coursework, and worked as a early interventionist.
  • I competed at the 2012 Olympic trials.

Year 3:

  • I learned that the art of balance was far from mastered and that it required me to continue to practice perseverance. Year three was composed of many emotional and physical achievements as well as challenges.
  • I competed at the 2013 USA championships and 4 days later I defended my dissertation.
  • I co-founded a company, AmPurity Nutraceuticals LLC, and an immune support supplement, ZAMboost.

Three years ago when I began this journey, I did not think becoming an artist of balance was possible. I remember one run in particular, I told my dear friend, Anne Shadel, with tears in my eyes, “You can choose to either give running 100% and perform at your highest level on the track, or you can give school 100% and perform at your highest level in the classroom. But you can’t give each 50% and expect to perform at your highest level in both.”

Anne, determined to change my mind, said, “Yes you can.”

From that day forward I use each day that God gives me towards becoming an artist of balance. To me the definition of an “artist of balance” is a person’s ability to give each one of their passions equal amounts of time and energy so that each passion remains an active, enjoyable, and a valued part of one’s life. Please share your definition of an “artist of balance”.

artist of a balanced lifestyle





Thanks for reading, Shannon 


  1. an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady.
    “slipping in the mud but keeping their balance
    synonyms: stabilityequilibrium, steadiness, footing More

  2. a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.
    “overseas investments can add balance to an investment portfolio”
    synonyms: fairness, justice, impartiality, evenhandedness, egalitarianism, equal opportunity; More

  1. keep or put (something) in a steady position so that it does not fall.
    “a mug that she balanced on her knee”
    synonyms: steadystabilizepoiselevel More

  2. offset or compare the value of (one thing) with another.
    “the cost of obtaining such information needs to be balanced against its benefits”
    synonyms: weigh, weigh up, compareevaluateconsiderassessappraise,judge More