Preparing for a Big Race: 2013 Husky Classic

I am writing this blog one week after my 800m indoor opener. The Husky Classic in Seattle Washington was going to be my only big race this indoor season. For this reason, I titled this blog “Preparing for a big Race”


Going into this race I decided to divide my training into 2 components:
  1. Physical Preparation
  2. Mental Preparation
Physical Preparation
I didn’t know what type of shape I was in because my fall training had been so inconsistent (i.e., one week I was running 30 miles per week and the next week I was running 50 miles per week). Fortunately, leading up to the race I was able to string together a few solid workouts.


husky-mirror-imageMental Preparation
I knew I needed to prepare myself mentally for this race, so I took a page from my positive psychology book. I set a realistic goal that I thought I could hit in Seattle. Then I wrote it on my bathroom mirror and imagined myself running it everyday.
husky-race-day-outfitRace Day!
First, I needed to decide what I was going to wear because its important to feel good and look good on competition day.
As I stood on the line wearing my neon yellow jersey, I knew I did everything I could to prepare for this race (mentally and physically). I was racing among some of the best runner in the World.  I told myself what I tell myself before every race, and that is “you are going to win.” During the race I waited for my opening, found it, and finished in the lead!


I am so thankful for the opportunity to train everyday and see my hard work in action. Thank you Ben Rosario  and Big River Running Company  for making this dream possible.  I just finished a down week (i.e., 40-minute runs and no workouts) so that I can reboot and get ready for the outdoor season. Although I do not have anything written on my mirror right now, I am excited to prepare for my next big race.

Thanks for Reading!

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