Finding Your Stride


03.8.17 Never Too Young to Change the World 

01.30.17 Ski Trip

12.14.16 I’m Scared But Who Isn’t

11.21.16 We Are All Just Boulders

11.2.16 Authentic Women

10.19.16 love nonie

10.5.16 A Letter To Myself

9.26.16 I’m Surfing

9.19.16 I’m Blogging Again


10.6.14 Making Moves

9.29.14 Free Agent

8.18.14 The Power of Body Language

6.15.14 5 things to help get it done and beat the odds

5.13.14 The Tao of the 800m

4.11.14 FAQ

3.20.14 The “Ugly” of Running

3.14.14 What’s your Buddha?

2.17.14 The Bad of Running

2.10.14 The Good of Running

1.3.14 Road Trip Across the Country (vlog)

1.27.14 Running and Running a Company

1.20.14 3 Tips On How to Improve Problem Solving (From A Runner)

11.21.13 Training update: Growing at your own pace

10.2.13 Eugene to Rio has Officially Begun

9.18.13 Artist of Balance 

9.11.13 Why do I blog

3.22.13 How to Maximize your Love for Learning

2.17.13 Preparing for a Big Race: 2013 Huskey Classic

1.11.13 Racing Cross Country: 2013 USATF Club Cross Country Championships

1.7.13 Finding Your Stride



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