We Are All Just Boulders

Sometimes life is a mountain — beautiful, beyond our control — and we are all just boulders.

People come in and out of your life like boulders plummeting down a mountainside. These boulders have momentum. If you’re lucky your boulder will roll at the same speed as another boulder, but more often than not, boulders move at different speeds.

Sometimes out of nowhere your boulder will hit a tree. Sometimes your boulder will get stuck in a canyon until an avalanche of boulders sets you free. It’s the obstacles you don’t choose that make you who you are. It’s the people you don’t choose that change your life forever.

In the running community I have crossed paths with some amazing, strong-willed, and hard-working women. These women represent my avalanche of boulders. We go on runs together — they know when I’m sad and ask me why, they always make sure I’m included in fun things, I share my secrets with them, and they share their secrets with me. It’s these women that I have grown to trust with my heart and soul. Trust is created over time — very slowly — usually by revealing your heart a little at a time, choosing to be vulnerable. When I’m racing with these women I do not feel alone. They give me energy. They give me strength. It’s a sisterhood unlike anything I have ever experienced before.

Of course I’m scared my boulder is going to take a sharp right turn, get lost, or worse, fall off a cliff into a meadow with no other boulders in sight. However, I am more scared of trying to climb back up the cliff to get on the same path.  I’m thankful boulders can’t roll uphill. I’m thankful life is always in motion. Each boulder travels along its own path. A boulder’s journey may be rocky and near impossible to predict, but it’s beautiful, especially when traveling in unison.

Maybe I’ve taken this boulder analogy too far.



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